‘Thief of Dreams’ has been my pen name since I started writing poetry in 1992. I was a 13-year-old kid who knew enough about the world to know that no one else had a clue. Not parents, not teachers, not counselors and sure as shit not anyone in a status of power. It would only take a few short years for me to realize that I myself, as well as those of the younger generations around me, were hell-bent on following in the footsteps of the blissfully uninformed.

The poetry you will find on this site is, and will forever be, left unexplained and open to interpretation. Poetry goes hand in hand with personal experience, without a blueprint the mind is left with an infinite number of crayons to color with.
I am not an Author in the sense that I have had a New York Times Best Seller or even a book published at all. I am an Author the same way that a Bard was a Bard, a storyteller a storyteller, a musician a musician even without an instrument. You don’t have to have formal training or a drug problem to be able to express yourself. The only limitations a person finds are the ones they create themselves. Break free of worrying about conformity but don’t fall into bed with anything that uses “Anti” before its description.

The origin of Thief of Dreams came about as I struggled to find a name that would not only describe the way my artistic muse felt but also deepen the meaning behind the creations it would set loose. It is a stark reminder in the brightest of days that while we march along on our perfected routes with our eyes cast forever down that there is a world outside our own. To be able to stop, just stop in the middle of your daily cycle and decide that you are going to take a different path, read a different story, say hello to a random stranger, instead of carrying on in a cloud of created haste.

We don’t have to be such timid creatures… Become something more, become something greater than yourself.


Enjoy the chaos!



Terry Lee McGhee Jr.
Thief of Dreams

All content, including (but not limited to): photography, poetry, stories, and opinions are copyright © Terry McGhee 1992-2018

Contact Info:

Terry McGhee

Email: terry.lee.mcghee@gmail.com


  1. Lovie says:

    Right ont-his helped me sort things right out.

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